Monthly Workshop for Feb. 12, 2018

LOCATION CHANGE: New Hope Presbyterian Church, 3737 New Hope Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109. Go to the basement door on the south side of the church by going down the ramp to the Youth Room. THIS MONTH ONLY. 

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Laurie Marr Wasmund, novelist and writing instructor, will lead the workshop “Tough Talk: Writing Effective Dialogue.” According to Wasmund, dialogue is a powerful writing tool in any writer’s repertoire. She will show us five ways to develop effective dialogue, including how to use dialogue to ratchet up tension; where to place dialogue “tags;” and how to make dialogue sound realistic to your readers’ ears.

LAURIE MARR WASMUND is the author of My Heart Lies Here, a novel of the Ludlow Massacre; Clean Cut, A Romance of the Western Heart; and To Do Justice and To Love Kindness, the first two books of the White Winter Trilogy, set during World War I.


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