Conference Book Store

Book Store Information

The dynamic bookstore in Denver called book bar will run the Conference Book Store.


• Placement in the conference book store is available to published authors who are conference workshop speakers. Registrants who are published authors may also place their books in the bookstore. The limit is three book titles per person.

• Once you turn in your registration or email CRW at to let the conference team know that you wish to have books in the Book Store, you will be contacted.

•If you are bringing your books rather than have book bar order them, please complete basics on the consignment form before you arrive. Bring your books in a box ready to check them in. At the end of the conference day, be sure to check out and take your unsold books home.

• The books will be displayed in accordance with the space available.

• Cash, checks & credit cards will be accepted. Authors will receive payment within 30 days of the conference.