Fiction Track

Session #1:

Title: Baby Got Back(story): Character Development

Facilitated by Chris Mandeville

Description: Backstory is your secret weapon for creating complex, multi-dimensional characters. In this workshop you’ll use innovative tools and techniques to build, enrich, and layer your character’s backstory. We’ll explore how that backstory can deepen your character’s personality, inform your character’s decisions, and weave more richness and realism into your narrative.


Bio: Chris Mandeville writes science fiction/fantasy and nonfiction for writers. Her books include Seeds: a post-apocalyptic adventure, 52 Ways to Get Unstuck, and Quake, the first in her young adult time travel series. She previously served as Pikes Peak Writers’ president, and is currently co-director of Superstars Writing Seminars. www.chrismandeville.c



Session #2

Title: Finding Your Voice

Facilitated by Todd Fahnestock

Description:  A distinctive character voice makes a book come alive and makes your character live on in the reader’s mind long after they’ve put the book down. Learn how to find your character’s voice and give your character depth through prose and dialogue. This workshop provides examples and hands-on practice so you can create a character your readers will fall in love with.

Session #3

Title: Building Better Beginnings

Facilitated by Todd Fahnestock and Chris Mandeville

Description: Learn how to engage readers, heighten tension, and build interest by quickly and efficiently weaving three key story elements together on Page One. Build your setting while illustrating your character solving the plot! You can (and should) hit the ground running and hook your reader on the very first page.

Bio: Todd Fahnestock is a writer of fantasy for all ages. His bestselling The Fahnestock - largeWishingWorld series began as bedtime stories for his children. His latest epic fantasy series, Threadweavers, includes WildmaneThe GodSpillThreads of Amarion and God of Dragons. Stories are his passion, but Todd’s greatest accomplishment is his quirky, fun-loving family. When he’s not writing, he goes on morning runs with his daughter and practices Tae Kwon Do with his son. With the rest of his free time, he drives the love of his life crazy with the emotional rollercoaster that is being a full time author.