Non-Fiction Track



Kerrie Flanagan

Setting Goals & Getting Organized in Non-Fiction Writing

Non-fiction writing covers a variety of areas: writing factual books for children, writing for business or public relations, writing magazine articles, and writing in-depth books for adults. This session deals with finding ideas, organizing your time, setting up writing space, and getting a project started. Participants will make a list of possible topics, do a writing plan, and create goals.

Bio: Kerrie Flanagan is an accomplished freelance writer with over 18 years experience and hundreds of published articles. She is a writing consultant, author, publisher, and founder and former Director of Northern Colorado Writers. Her recent articles are found in The Writer, Writer’s Digest, Alaska Magazine and in the past five Writers Markets.

Mary Taylor Young

Forget the Seat of Your Pants: Why and How to PlanRMNPauthorpiccropd

 and Organize your Project Before You Write a Word

            Planning and organizing your project or book will save you countless hours of time and help you hone in on the real project or book you should write. We’ll cover identifying audience, doing a market study, outlining, locating and interviewing sources, and constructing a stellar lead.

BIO: Award-winning author and naturalist Mary Taylor Young has been writing professionally since 1987. Rocky Mountain National Park: The First 100 Years is the most recent of her 15 traditionally-published books. Mary has published hundreds of print and web articles, and she wrote a column for the Rocky Mountain News for 16 years.

 LohseHeadshotJoyce B. Lohse

Research Results and Proposal Pointers

Author Joyce B. Lohse will share research tips acquired during two decades of writing award-winning historical biographies in Colorado. Learn how to evaluate research results and build a roadmap that will provide critical tools for proposals and publication.

BIO: Joyce B. Lohse combines journalism with genealogy research skills and a passion for western history to create award-winning biographies for all ages. Her books have won seven awards from Women Writing the West, Colorado Independent Publishers, and Colorado Authors’ League. She has presented 200+ programs to Colorado audiences.