Poetry Track


Lindsey Lewis Smithson “Make Those Old Poetic Forms Work in Your Writing Today”

Sonnets, villanelles, haikus, and many other ancient poetic forms aren’t just styles left to poets in textbooks. Contemporary free verse skills can make any poetic form feel current and alive. We will look at word choice, rhymes, and enjambments to help add formal verse to your poetry skill set.

Bio: Lindsey Lewis Smithson, MFA, University of California Riverside. She serves as editor of Straight Forward Poetry, having previously served as the managing editor for The Coachella Review. Her poetry has appeared on The Nervous Breakdown, This Zine Will Change Your Life, The Cossack Review and WordRiot.


Laurel Becker “Talking Poetic Turkey: Getting Real & ReadableBeckerHeadshot

Using Extended Metaphor”

Laurel Jean Becker’s fun workshop on extended metaphor in poetry compares/describes one item or idea with another as a theme throughout a poem. She will present examples of metaphor poems, plus step-by-step schematics, enabling a poet to easily extend the metaphor—without fear of mixing metaphors.

Bio: Laurel has served as president of the Poetry Society of Colorado (2012-2014), guest lecturer at Metropolitan State University and local schools, and mentor of at-risk children. She is an active member of Columbine Poets, Denver Women’s Press Club, CAL, and the National League of American Pen Women. She lives in Lakewood with her husband; she enjoys cooking and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

 Alejandro Lucero “Structure: Poetic Possibilities”20160608_231628

The best modern poets create reasons behind the structures of their poems. Form poems can be broken and free-verse poems can be fitted into form depending on the poet’s intent and potential.

The mini-workshop will cover different poetic structures: prose, formed, and free-verse poems. Length of line as well as beginning and ending words add rhythm and musicality to a poem. We will do a fun exercise around line breaks. Writing time can be used on previous or new works.

Bio: Alejandro Lucero, a 24-year-old creative writing student at Arapahoe Community College, works as a Writing Center tutor. He received Writers Studio’s Literary Contest Scholarship at ACC in 2015. His poem “Breathing Karen” and creative nonfiction essay “Lessons from the Woodpile” was in the Progenitor 2016, a literary magazine produced by ACC students.