2019 Conference – Non-Fiction Track Workshops

Workshop #1
To be Announced



Workshop #2
How to Write A Non-fiction Book

A nonfiction book is a story of our time. It needs to question, compliment and complement the world around it. The work has to look beneath the surface and probe everything and anything. The question is how to make this possible. A discussion of publishers, bookstores, and distributors will be included.

Workshop #3
Bring Non-fiction Alive through Historical Research

In the heyday of the printed press, stories about local communities were most popular. In some ways, they still are, especially in neighborhoods and smaller towns. Creative writers can plunge into countless fields, focusing on how areas have developed and the people who developed them. Library clipping files and archival evidence will be covered. It is necessary to know the topic to bring nonfiction alive, producing a compelling work.

2019 Presenter Non Fiction - Phil GoodsteinBio: Denver’s leading historian, Phil Goodstein, is the author of more than 25 books. The holder of a Ph.D. in history, he has conducted walking tours of the city since 1986. Additionally, he has written on a wide variety of other topics. At times, he can be swathing about poorly-written volumes.