2019 Conference – Poetry Track Workshops

2019 Presenter Poetry - Kika DorseyWorkshop #1
Epistolary Poetry: The Letter & the Use of “You”                                             

presented by Kika Dorsey

This workshop will explore the tradition of epistolary poems with examples and exercises toward creating your own epistolary poems, in which you address another to explore relationship, whether that is a relationship with an individual, a group, or a concept.

BIO: Kika Dorsey is a poet and fiction writer in Boulder, Colorado, and lives with her two children, husband, and pets. She is the author of three books of poetry: Beside Herself  (Flutter Press, 2010), Rust, and Coming Up for Air (Word Tech Editions 2016, 2018). She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize four times. Currently, when not writing, she works as a writing coach for other poets and teaches at Front Range Community College. You can find her at kikadorsey.com.

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Workshop #2

The Music of What Happens: Exploring Soundscape

The music that makes poems memorable springs from the interaction of cadences and the rise and fall in the pitch of syllable sounds. This interaction is called “soundscape”: “An atmosphere or environment created by or with sound.” We’ll explore the impact of soundscape on the reader’s experience and practice some ways of enriching that experience through the fine-tuning of a poem’s soundscape.

Workshop #3

The Music of What Happens: Let Go of What You Mean to Say

When poets sit down to write, they all too often have intentions that don’t align with the intentions of the imagination. If they override the imagination by forcing their intentions on the poem, the poem will never be right: “no luck, no help, no wisdom,” as William Stafford put it (in a completely different context). We’ll be exploring ways of setting aside our intentions in order to let the imagination deliver the truths it wants us to receive.

BIO: Joseph Hutchison, Colorado Poet Laureate (2014-2019), is the author of 17 poetry collections, including The World As Is: New & Selected Poems, 1972-2015; Marked Men; and Eyes of the Cuervo/Ojos del Crow. His poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and literary essays have appeared in over 100 journals in five countries. You can find him at https://www.jhwriter.com/.