2019 Conference – Saturday Kick-Off Workshop

“Improv for Writers” by The Novelistas
Sara Alan and Susan Knutden

for All Writers
Saturday, September 28th
8:45 am in the Gathering Area

2019 Conference - The Novelistas

As active members of the writing community, Sara Alan and Susan Knudten have seen the challenges many writers face trying to access genuine voice, dialogue and characters. Using tools from the world of improv, this dynamic workshop will help writers get out of their heads and into their bodies to play with and connect to their characters on a deeper, more authentic level. We’ll be exploring how to:

  • Be present and open to all possibilities
  • Squash self-consciousness
  • Experience what it’s like to be in your character’s body
  • Learn non-traditional tips for busting through blocks
  • See how many choices are possible and how your choices can heighten conflict (or not)
  • Explore the objective correlative and notice how the right setting details enhance mood and theme
  • Create dialogue that is true to character yet still unexpected
  • Develop stronger, more grounded characters
  • Improve your ability to “see” the environments of your stories
  • Write better scenes using the principles of: starting in the middle, heightening, making every word count, and choosing the right details

Have no fear if you’re an introvert—you won’t be put on the spot. But you will leave this workshop with new energy for your project and solid tools to help you bring a fresh perspective to your writing.

Bio: The Novelistas
Sara Alan and Susan Knudten are Denver-based writers and professional actors who have appeared in thousands of improvised and scripted performances and taught hundreds of classes. As The Novelistas, they perform fun and funny original comedy about the highs and lows of writing and publishing. In addition, they offer private coaching in performance skills and teach a variety of well-received workshops, including Improv for Writers, one of the offerings at the 2019 Castle Rock Writers Conference.

2019 Conference - Sara Alan NovelistaSara published a well-received debut YA romance novel, A Messy, Beautiful Life in October 2017. She is also an educator with Girls Leadership, an organization that equips girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice.

2019 Conference - Susan Knudten NovelistaSusan is a freelance communications and performance pro. She works as a writer/editor, communications coach for medical students and as a trainer helping law enforcement learn how to deescalate crisis situations. She is a graduate of The Book Project, a juried two-year program of Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. Read more about them at www.thenovelistas.com.