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Castle Rock Writers Board & Conference Team
Current Openings

Would you like a way to learn more about a writing career? Why not consider updating your skills through volunteering for Castle Rock Writers? There are many ways to get involved.

Board Treasurer
Requirements of the Position

  1. Be a co-Signatory for all bank accounts.
  2. Maintain and reconcile the checkbook.
  3. Retrieve and present the monthly bank statement from the online account at each Board meeting.
  4. Prepare and present a simple monthly Treasurer’s Report of all monetary transactions at each Board Meeting, including starting and ending balances, cash receipts, and cash disbursements.
  5. Oversee the moneybox (petty cash) and all monies coming into and going out of the organization.
  6. Maintain the zippered money pouches, including check-in/check-out responsibilities for Book Sales or other special events.
  7. Present an annual report of the previous year’s (EOY) finances by January 31 of the new year, to the Board. This will include A) a comparative balance sheet, B) a comparative profit and loss sheet, C) a comparative cash receipts and cash disbursements statement, and D) any necessary footnotes.
  8. Be an active holder of the CRW bank account debit card, if asked to do so.

Book Sales Coordinator (appointed)
Requirements of the Position

CRW members wrote three local history books that provide funds for CRW, which we sell at community events and sales. These funds help us to keep costs for workshops and the yearly conference low. The books and the materials are well-organized, but we need someone to organize who will also show up for events.

  1. Be a co-Signatory for all bank accounts.
  2. Check out a zippered money pouch to another Board member or a member of the Conference & Events Team for the purpose of book sales or other money-making projects.
  3. Oversee the zippered money pouches, maintaining the Petty Cash for each and making sure pouches are returned if others oversee a Book Sale.
  4. Deposit money from Book Sales events to the CRW bank account and give records to the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.
  5. Track and report on the sales of CRW Book Sales at all Board Meetings.
  6. Track inventory of our three titles/books in storage.
  7. Pay quarterly taxes to Town of Castle Rock on book saleson the 20thof the appropriate month: January-March due April 20, April-June due July 20, July-September due October 20 and October-December due January 20.
  8. Pay taxes on book sales to Douglas County, if sales occur on more than 12 daysper calendar year.
  9. Be an active holder of the CRW bank account debit card, if asked to do so.